Date Posted: August 17, 2016


Greetings dear family and friends,

God is so faithful to answer prayer and raising up more laborers!

This is a time to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord! Praise the Lord, the Capone family are on missionary deputation. They are also from the King's Garden Children's Home, Founder Rev. Lois Prater's NW District! A sincere and special thank you to Jenny G. as she will continue to carry on serving at KGCH! : )

Glory to God, I am very happy to announce I have accepted the awesome opportunity to join the Compassion Link International Ministries Team based near the A/G Headquarters in Springfield, MO! Yes, my first and original calling of Health Care Ministries has come full circle from starting with HCM- Lakeland, Florida in the early 1990's. So grateful and thankful for the hand of the Lord, for His peace and timing. Rejoicing as we know God's ways are much higher than our ways!

After 15 years, my loving and caring for the precious Filipino children will be via the Internet and visits. : ) God is so good -what a blessing as I am so thrilled to transition as a medical missionary nurse. I will be participating on worldwide medical mission trips again under Compassion Link International and be based/living in Springfield, MO. This fall, it is on to the great new season as we walk by faith following the Lord's leading! With a grateful heart I thank you for your love, prayers and support during this exciting transition! The best is yet to come!